Is it even possible?

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The other day I asked myself if all this is possible. Can you be successful making an indie animated series? How can be it be done without a large online following. Without capital. How it all works. You signed up for this list to find out how to make your own series. To make a series on your own terms. When I face the crippling doubt I remember that it’s been done before. We know the process.

We can think of Simon’s Cat, Happy Tree Friends, Ralph Backshi, Veggie Tales. Not to mention the creators who have reached out to me to show me their amazing projects. You can do it. Success isn’t guaranteed but I think if you work smart we can make it more likely.

I’ve started reading business books. I figured that if I was going to start something on my own I’d have to figure out the business stuff. I read a lot of books on startups, I’ve found a lot of similarities between Tech Startups and Television Series or other creative work. A start up is a company that exists in extreme uncertainty. From Eric Ries’s book The Lean Startup, he explains his methodology for how companies can deal with uncertainty. I’ll try here to adapt them to your project.

– You will start your project with assumptions about what your audience will like.
– The only way to be successful is to test those assumptions.

So the way to deal with doubt and uncertainty is create, release, learn. Find out what people like, then do more of it. This is the advantage of indie. Being able to release faster and more nimbly than a big corporation. You can build an audience organically and naturally.

All the best 
Luke Coleman

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