Studio in a Box

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Just before I published last weeks newsletter I went to a talk with voice actor Christian Poteza. Christian has years of experience in the industry and the unique opportunity to meet with thousands of animation fans. So what he said made me sit up in my seat.

Christian talked to us about how we don’t need the broadcaster or the networks to make anything we have all the resources at our fingertips. He teaches classes on how to get started in voice acting. He works with hundreds of students that want to be voice actors and are dying to get involved with animation. With Switchboard ( )he’s showing people how to use technology to start a whole new career in voice acting. What this means is that getting voice acting isn’t a barrier to entry it’s an opportunity. He showed us that getting voice talent is now just about reaching out. Connect and collaborating.

The event reminded me of this video of Ralph Bakshi. This video is 10 years old but couldn’t be more relevant. We all have computers that are essentially studios in a box. It’s easy to forget how many processes are replaced by better technology. With Harmony or Aftereffects on a laptop you have a better multiplane camera than Walt Disney ever had. We might moan or groan about not having the work we want, when the opportunity to make something is at our fingertips.

I know it looks impossible. It’s not going to be easy. You will still need to find away to make a living, pay rent, buy groceries. All of this is manageable. If you want to make something, tell a story and connect with an audience, there’s never been a better time.

All the best

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