When you’re tapped out

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Last week I met up with friend after work. We talked about comics and side projects. Trying to make things successful. The conversation moved toward motivation. It’s good to talk about motivation, because I’m feeling tapped out.

Isaiah has been out of town for CTN. I’ve been working on our comic on my own. Last week was busy with other engagements, this week was tough at work. This is a good week to talk about what motivates you.

Here are the simple tips for motivation for your side project.

  1. Make Time for It: Negotiate reasonable hours at work. Losing sleep is not sustainable in my opinion.
  2. Create Social Accountability: The most effective incentives are negative incentives. I have had success because I feel like I’m going to let someone down if I don’t do my piece. Share your work, find a group of friends. Better yet make a betting pool.
  3. Just do One small thing: The hard part is getting to the desk. Give yourself one small thing to do and quit. Making a little progress is better than none. After one little thing, maybe a little more won’t hurt as much.

These are the things that might get you back in the chair. Motivation is also what excites you about the project. Watch this video with Dan Pink. He talks about the factors that affect motivation. He knows a lot more about motivation than I do. The factors are Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

Autonomy — In control of what you’re doing — change your schedule, maybe your feel to beholden to what past you planned.

Mastery — Work on your craft — spend some time learning about writing, drawing, or animating, do some studies, you may be backed up because you’re at the limit of your ability.

Purpose — Why are you making what you’re making? What do you want to get out of it? We desire to feel like we’re part of something bigger.

Side projects run on motivation. Figure out what works for you. If something is really painful that might be a good sign. Ask yourself if you really want to work on this. It only gets harder. Pick something that you believe in.

All the best


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