Remember this can be Fun

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Sometimes you get stuck. I’ve been writing multiple versions of the newsletter. I was hitting a block in the comic. Nothing was working and I wasn’t having a good time. It’s hard when you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

It’s a good time to remember that this should be fun.

We often forget that making things is enjoyable. It’s our judgement, our expectations that get in the way. We make better work when the work is fun. We take our work so seriously that we forget how enjoyable it really is.

When I’m stuck and I nothings working, I try to change it up. I try drawing just for fun. I have this huge pad of dot matrix printer paper from whoknows-where. When time slips away. When three or for pages are filled you stop thinking, and you’re just enjoying the drawing. What drawing for fun reminds us is that drawing is fun. It’s the approach that makes it fun or difficult.

So I came back to the comic. Not expecting anything. I was just going to try things out. After 15 minutes of drawing I had seven new ideas. I showed it to Ali, she quickly chose her favourite design. And in the end it was fun. It didn’t take long and it was enjoyable.

So this week, don’t be to hard on yourself. Just have fun.


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