Animators should read these books


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I read a lot. I read a lot because reading is the cheapest way to learn something new. If I learn a few new things from a book it’s a good investment. Whether I take it out of the library or buy it. I never regret having a book. These are some of my favourite books that I’ve read recently. These books are likely to give you more than one good thing. These books have given me so much.

Perennial Seller – Ryan Holiday 

This is an amazing book about making creative works. Perennial seller is a work like a book movie album that sells copies every year. It is the library. The amazing thing about these works is that they sustain the industry. Publishing lives on the works that are guaranteed to sell. Movies rely on you watching your favourites. The book perennial seller ties to guide you through process of making and marketing work that lasts.

Art and Fear – David Bayles, Ted Orland

If you ever wanted a book to speak to the experience of being an artist, this is the one. I sent this book to Isaiah. We spent the next few weeks sending quotes back and forth. I’ve revisited it. I’ve gifted it to many friends. It has helped a lot.

Anything You Want – Derek Sivers

This is my favourite business book. Derek Sivers created a company CD Baby. This book can be read in about an hour. It is chock full of wisdom about creating a business the way that you want. I think you will like it because Derek was a musician who started a company. He doesn’t approach business like an entrepreneur or business student, he approaches it like an artist.

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