Making Something Remarkable


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This week Isaiah and I were talking about releasing our comic. Planning out our strategy. Again and again we came to this this Ted talk by Seth Godin

Seth Godin: How to get your ideas to spread

You might not know Seth Godin. You could say he’s an author and a marketer. That wouldn’t do him justice. Seth Godin doesn’t talk about marketing in the slimy sense. He talks about getting in front of people who want what your selling. What he’s about is connecting. It’s about making remarkable products. He’s written 17 books. He’s even written a book on viral marketing that you can download for free.

If you want to learn about making stuff that goes viral you won’t find a better resource. You might be thinking. “I don’t know if I want my work to go viral.” And I feel the same way all the time, but stories want to be viral. Stories work by being shared, and being talked about. In the Ted talk he says products should be remarkable, meaning worth remarking about. Making something people can’t help but share.

Viral is a growth metric. The idea is, for every one person that see your show they bring two people, two people bring four people and it keeps on doubling. Stories (comics, tv, movies, novels) grow viraly.

The trick about being viral, is being worth spreading. Viral has a built in negative connotation. That doesn’t mean you have to stoop to the level of clickbait. Or create controversy to be big, big, big. You can make something remarkable. Something worth talking about because it’s different, it’s better. The trick with being remarkable is having something to say.

So when Isaiah and I were talking about our launch strategy, we talked about what makes our project remarkable. What is it that will make people want to read it. What gets people excited. It’s okay if it’s not there yet. I don’t think we’re there yet. I still think it’s worth trying.


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