Feeling Like a Slow Artist

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Almost every artist believes they are the slow one. That while everyone else is able to fly through their work, for us it’s effort, we slog through it. We expect work to be easy when it’s not. That can prevent us from putting in the quality time with our work. Making good work takes time. Some of us might need to be reminded to take it slow and enjoy the process. Our personal work is where we should work at our own pace. Maybe instead of thinking of personal work, as work that’s just for you, we can think of it that work that suits you. That accentuates all that your good at, and pushes you where you want to grow.

There’s a social pressure to be fast. When we see people post art online we don’t get the sense of time. The piles of rough sketches and unfinished pieces that led to this piece. I like this tutorial by Chris Sanders, what I like about it is you get the sense of time spent. Hours drawing and redrawing. In our world of commercial art, speed is important. The reason that speed is important is that almost every project is behind, so a fast artist is useful for catching up. In animation it’s not speed that we need it’s an attitude of finishing and shipping work. It’s developing a habit of getting things done. Often the way you get things done is putting the time in. So when you work on your personal work, you don’t have to be frustrated by the pace. Enjoy the process, linger in how long it takes. No matter how it feels, it’s not a race.

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