iPads Pro’s What’s Next for Animation

This Tuesday Apple announced the new iPad Pro. To be honest, I’m an Apple fanboy, but this thing is awesome. What Apple is doing with these devices is really cool. For artists the pen performance is top of the line. There is new innovative software on the platform. People do amazing and professional work on these devices. I’m dying to get one.

I think the iPad Pro is the portable studio for most artists. So I want to make animation on it. While it’s possible, with some software like Rough Animator, or even Clip Studio Paint, it’s not an animation production machine just yet. There’s nothing currently I would call professional grade software. I’m not looking for Flash or Toon Boom to come to the iPad. I’m looking for something new.

Procreate is probably one of the most popular art apps. It’s simple and intuitive, it’s stripped down interface is a far cry from Photoshop. There are a lot of artists that like that. They just want something simple. Animation interfaces are complicated. Full of menus, toolbars and windows. The same workflow won’t translate to a single monitor, multi touch device. I’m hoping what happened with Procreate happens with an animation app. That the new device creates a new workflow that is stripped down and intuitive.

The iPad is going to be a bigger thing to the art industry. These devices are priced competitively. They work great. There are generations of computing. Animation used to only happen on giant render farms, and high end workstations. It was a revelation when some artists started making films on their home computers. Now it will be a revelation when the first studio has their team using iPads.

All I can say is I’m excited.

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