Marketing starts at the beginning

There’s an idea that marketing is a process that begins after you’ve made your thing. That there are a group of people who make advertisements and sell to the audience. If a good film fails it’s because of bad marketing. That the marketing department didn’t understand the film/show.

Marketing isn’t done at the end, it’s done from the beginning. Marketing plainly is telling the people, who want what you’re making and where to get it. It’s not about convincing the masses that you’ve made the best show. It’s about finding the right people and making something for them. Marketing starts with the decision to make something in the first place.

This gets to the interesting problem of who’s waiting for the kind of show you’re trying to make. What other shows do they watch? Where do they hang out? What do they care about? What are their values? Then what’s something specific and special that you can make for them?

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